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    The Chairman's Newsletter

Dear Cybernautes,

<> L'Association des Amis de Lily Laskine, the Association of Friends of Lily Laskine, has created this website first to keep alive the memory of this great harpist, and second to give assistance and information to young harpists throughout the world at the start of their careers.
Anything involving the harp is of interest to both us and you : I hope that you will find answers to your questions in our columns, and that you will find the strength and courage to pursue your careers through the inspiration afforded by the life and teachings of the great artist Lily Laskine.


    The Association's vocations

      L'Association des Amis de Lily Laskine is a non-profit making association founded in accordance with the French law dated 1901, by her former pupils and many friends, to help young people, especially harpists beginning their careers.
Since 1993, our main activity has been the organization of the Lily Laskine International Harp Competition, which takes place every 3 years. In the intervening years we organize a concert entitled  "A Homage to Lily Laskine" , presenting young harpists accompanied by eminent musicians.
We make available to young French or foreign soloists a Salvi "Iris" harp for their concerts, competitions o
r recordings.


For further information, contact the A.A.L.L. :

 Association des Amis de Lily Laskine
Manoir du Haut B

Fax : +33 (0) 2 31 88 70 81 


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