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" I am all fingers and thumbs ! ! "

    An excellent technician, although she denied it, she was above all a musical genius, covered in prizes: International Grand Prix from the Académie Charles Cros in 1963, Grand Prix National du Disque Français, a golden disc in Japon with Jean-Pierre Rampal in 1966, Grand Prix du Film Musical for "la Leçon de Musique" in 1979, and Officier de la Légion d Honneur, Grand Croix de l'Ordre du Mérite, Commandeur des Arts et des Lettres. Yet, Lily Laskine retained that wonderful virtue of the great of this world: modesty.

" My pupils were very sweet "

    Although she taught at the Conservatoire from 1948 to 1958, Lily Laskine in fact gave lessons for much longer than that, since her first lesson was given to an older student than herself in 1909, shortly after she won her first prize from the Conservatoire. Before her appointment, she was unofficially sent discouraged students. She took them under her wing for a while and communicated her common sense, her joie de vivre, her good humour, and also her courage. Lily Laskine was not a tough teacher, but she was very attentive and respectful of her students she was all the more loved and listened to. She sought their personal fulfilment above all. In her ten years at the Conservatoire, her students won fifteen first prizes ! "

Harp class at the Conservatoire National de Musique, rue de Madrid, in 1952
(Bertile Fournier-Huguet at the harp)

" Why are they all so nice to me? Why do they like me so much ? "

    All those who had the good fortune to know Lily Laskine agree on one point: she was not only an exceptional musician, she was also an exceptional, luminous woman, of great kindness, geneerous, loyal and infinitely respectful of all those she met. She knew how to listen, sympathise and encourage. Her simplicity, vitality and good humour made her loved by all. She always had a tender, positive view of life and others. She was surrounded and adored because, as she said, "Basically, I love people more than music "

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